Jim Rice, performer, teacher, seller

Jim Rice

Welcome to Accordions Rule! Here you will find information, resources and more about accordions, both here in Virginia and everywhere. Jim Rice is an accordion aficionado who is dedicated to Everything Accordion.

This website features Jim Rice’s solo work, the bands he plays with and more, with a calendar of all of Jim’s performances. Jim also loves to teach kids of all ages how to play. Look for Player of the Month soon.

You can hear samples of Jim’s music on the Music page. You can also purchase the CD Jammin’ At The Accordy-Inn w/ “The Wiseguys”©.

In addition, Jim also repairs accordions and stocks any parts you may need.

Accordion Ensembles

Hysterically Correct Pirates Band photo

Hysterically Correct Pirates

Jim Rice is a busy man! In addition to his “normal” life, he and his accordion are involved in several groups. Playing in a wide variety of styles and genres, there is something there for fans of all ages to enjoy.

Check out these projects and see them whenever you can!


Kids Having Fun!

Educating kids about accordions

Kids & Accordions

Jim volunteered to serve as a disciple of the accordion for school kids. Visit the Kids Having Fun page to see how Jim put his enthusiasm to good use when he worked with a student club at Waller Mill Elementary.

People say he’s bringing the accordion back, but he’s just bringing it out.