Work From Home Agreement Form

We strive to provide as much comprehensive IT support as possible as the workforce moves to remote work. Stay reachable while teleworking; Beware of email phishing. When many people work remotely, email correspondence is more common and important than ever. Beware of spam or fake emails and report anything suspicious. It`s better to be too suspicious than to be the victim of a phishing attempt. However, if you click on a link or attachment, or if you provide credentials for an email that you later suspect is spam, report it immediately Don`t worry; You won`t get into trouble. It happens to the best of us. What matters is a quick response.

4. The parties acknowledge that this Agreement may be evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure that the quality of work, efficiency and productivity of the employee are not affected by the telework agreement described herein. Telecommuting is a privilege, not a company-wide right or benefit; The Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and revoke this privilege in its sole discretion. The WFH sounds simple, but it`s important to recognize that working remotely presents different challenges and requires establishing unique habits as individuals, as teams, and as an organization. Below are guides written by companies that work remotely full-time and can help you and your organization with the WFH for any time period. Splashtop uses end-to-end encryption and simplifies remote connection to your work computer. Our Remote Work for Employees policy outlines our policies for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to make sure that employees and our company benefit from these regulations. 1. The employee undertakes to ensure safe and ergonomic safety and to report work-related injuries to the employee`s supervisor as soon as possible.

The employee agrees to compensate the company for injuries suffered by others on the alternative site. Regarding the purchase, installation and maintenance of space and equipment for telework purposes: Perform non-site-specific tasks that require minimal monitoring deemed appropriate for a telework agreement Pay attention to your personal environment in public places. .