Wireless Power Logo License Agreement

Advertising. AppFlash is available free of charge, as the service is supported by advertising. We can use the information and information you`ve collected through your use of AppFlash to deliver more relevant ads. We can also combine this data with data obtained by other Verizon partners or third parties to decide which ads you need to turn on in AppFlash. AppFlash is not responsible for the products or services provided by advertisers. Any transactions you have with advertisers while you are using AppFlash or between you and the advertiser, and AppFlash is not responsible for any losses or claims you have against an advertiser. Use restrictions. You must not customize, modify, modify, decompil, reconstruct, translate or create works derived from AppFlash software. They must not use the service outside the United States (including its territories and property) or authorize others. Property. VZW and/or content providers displayed as part of the service retain exclusive ownership of all property and intellectual property rights worldwide, on and on content. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

This is the end. VZW may terminate or suspend service at any time, even if you violate this Agreement. No guarantees. The service is provided on the basis of “how to see” and “how available.” We do not provide explicit or unspoken assurances or guarantees, including, to the extent permitted by current legislation, a tacit guarantee of cash or suitability for a particular use, through the service. We do not guarantee that the service will work perfectly or does not need occasional upgrades or changes, or that it will not be negatively affected by various factors such as the wireless network and Internet performance. SOME STATE LAWS DO NOT RESTRICT UNSPOKEN SAFEGUARDS OR EXCLUDE OR RESTRICT CERTAIN DAMAGES. IF THESE LAWS ON THEM, SOME OR ALL ABOVE DISCLAIMERS, EXCLUSIONS, OR MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE ADDITIONAL RIGHTS. Limitation of liability. They agree to limit all claims against VZW, its associated companies, employees and third-party licensees to damages or other financial facilities to direct damages, subject to limitations in this section. This limitation and waiver apply independently of the theory of liability.