Trademark Assignment Agreement Hong Kong

A: A trademark application does not receive a filing date as long as the deposit tax is paid in its entirety (see section 39, paragraph 1, of the Trademark Regulation). To calculate the sum of your registration fees, please read In addition, non-payment of the declared deposit tax remains a defect under Rule 11, paragraph 1, point b), of the trademark regulation. If you do not pay the filing fee within two months of the notification date of the registry that invites you to do so, your application will be considered never submitted. A: If you want to assign your trademarks to another legal entity, you can submit the T10 form (HK 800) to request a registration. Form T10 and the prescribed fee may be provided by “brand forms and taxes (cap. 559) ” under Please note that the trademark registry only deals with the registration of the assignment, not the attribution documents. The above guidelines also apply to the “owner type,” “country/territory/installation zone” and “founding state” boxes of Part 03 (c), d and e) of Form T10 with respect to reporting information relating to the sale or transfer of a trademark. If the transfer was made in exchange for future royalties, but the transferee has been put into liquidation, the assignee will no longer receive royalties and will not be entitled to the IP being returned to him. By way of comparison, when a licence is issued in exchange for royalties and the licensee is put into liquidation, the licence is generally terminated and the IP is maintained by the licensee or reset to the licensee, who can then grant a new licence to another person. A: Your registration must contain a list of all the goods and services you want to register your trademark. You must list the goods and services in the class (s) in which they fall.

You should also indicate the number of classes in which they fall. Goods and services should be classified according to the international classification of goods and services (NICE classification). Please visit to find out how to get into your goods and services. An assignment of intellectual property generally does not impose a duty of care on assignment obligations (. B, for example, minimum sales to be made). The result is that in the case of royalty, a non-owner results in the transferee not maximizing his copyright without the assignee being in a position to appeal. In comparison, an intellectual property license would generally impose vigilance obligations on a licensee that would ultimately lead to the end of the licence, allowing the licensee to license a more thorough licensee. The Assignor (“JLR”) owns the Schedule 1 trademarks and all unlisted GIDDY UP trademarks (the “brands”). Where the trading transaction involves the IP, the transfer of the investigation period, the transfer is usually made against payment of a lump sum purchase price. It would be unusual for the ip allocation to be for royalties. A: The registry does not accept unpaid or underpaid courier items. Make sure your mailings are fast enough postage before they`re published.

All mailings with insufficient postage are returned or disposed of by the Hong Kong Post. For more information, visit the Hong Kong Post (