Thames Water Framework Agreement

Between 5 and 10 years, depending on the contractor`s performance during the initial term of the framework and the possible extension period. The work will be carried out by a series of “tracks” covering the entire capital programme and these latter frameworks will be carried out on Runway 2, the main delivery route. E-mail: Thames Water has approved the final and largest framework for design and construction partners for its AMP7 program. All suppliers wishing to respond to this communication must request a pre-qualification questionnaire (QQP) using the link in Section I.3) of this release, i.e. As the largest water and sanitation company in the UK, we have a diverse network of suppliers that offer everything from daily equipment to operating and maintenance services. 4 Hours of Public Sector Procurement Agency Scape has selected five groups for their $1 billion board framework. Contracting involves the creation of a framework agreement with several economic operators. TWUL acquires design and construction functions for infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects. For the most part, TWUL recognizes them as infrastructure – the underground network of water and wastewater pipes and non-infrastructure – in nominal terms, all facilities, equipment, structures and surface processes; The expected volume of work covers Thames Water`s water and sewerage infrastructure (network) and non-infrastructure (treatment) facilities throughout the Thames Water area. The type of infrastructure varies largely from the renovation, replacement and provision of new sewer and drinking water lines to the inspection and maintenance of aqueducts and tunnels. These include the renovation, replacement and provision of new pumping facilities. The non-infrastructure sector includes sanitation, Replacing and providing new drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, including storage and drinking water tanks – sanitation, replacement and supply of new surface water production facilities such as improved slow sand filtration performance, READING, UK — Ham Baker and Industrial Valves have secured framework agreements for the supply of pens, valves and maintenance services. It is proposed that these framework agreements be initially five years in duration and that they be renewed each year for a maximum of five years.

TWUL does not propose to change the scope of work in each batch from PM7 to AMP8. TWUL reserves the right to renew individual lots under this framework agreement, provided there is an operational benefit to that effect. TWUL proposes that any extensions apply to all elements of the contract, including, but not limited to, price review mechanisms (subject to approved amendments). Five other contractors were announced following the allocation of two lots earlier this year. The maximum number of participants under the framework agreement: 12 The capital contract partners will work to improve and maintain the vast network of groundwater and sewer pipes, as well as pumping stations, sewage treatment plants and reservoirs. Projects include monitoring, rehabilitating and replacing basic networks, some of which date back to the 19th century, and installing the latest technologies to detect and locate leaks, as the company plans to reduce another 15 percent over the next five years. The scope of the remediation infrastructure program includes, but is not limited to the following activities Thames Water also announced this week that it has renewed its infrastructure alliance contracts for a further five years. These contracts are responsible for work on the company`s clean water system, including research and resolution of leaks and response to homes.