Tenancy Agreement Hong Kong Law

To prohibit a tenant from subletting, it is necessary that a rental document contains an explicit clause prohibiting the tenant from subletting the property (or part of it) to another party. It is also the common practice of lessors to extend the prohibition against any act of licensing or sharing/sharing of ownership or occupation of the property. There may be a disclaimer that applies in favour of the lessor in a formal lease agreement with respect to: provided that the lessor has breached the lease by unlawful termination (i.e.B. Without an “interruption clause”, as explained below, there may be a chance for the tenant to immediately ask the court to remedy the “specific performance” of the lease by instructing the lessor to comply with the terms of the rental agreement (instead of paying damages), as each property is unique and the injury commitment for loss of good business (or other types of compensation) is insufficient. If the order is awarded for a given service, the owner must rent the property to the tenant. A Contracting Party shall be bound by the terms of this Treaty. Unless a rental document contains an interruption clause allowing the lessor to lease the lease agreement before the expiry of its term by notice on a given date (for example.B.