Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement

(ii) any cancellation, exemption, modification, modification or modification or release of a deralie or any provision of a loan document or other agreement, including with respect to other guarantors under this agreement; (b) Neither this agreement nor any provision of this Agreement may be abandoned, amended or amended unless the directors and directors and guarantors in writing of an agreement or agreement or arrangement that must be subject to such an application of waiver, amendment or modification, subject to an agreement required in accordance with section 9.02 of the credit contract; where the administrator may accept, without the agreement of a guaranteed party, a waiver from a guarantor to a contract of such a guarantor, as long as that derogation is consistent with the authority of the administrative officer, as defined in the definition of the security and guarantee requirement contained in the credit agreement. A personal surety is a person who agrees to pay the loan or other obligations for the debtor, as stated in the agreement. A company that agrees to assume these obligations is a business guarantor. SECTION 2.04. Restitutio integrum. Each guarantor accepts that its guarantee, unless it is discharged in accordance with Section 5.12 (b), will continue to be effective or reinstated if the payment or part of these guarantees is cancelled at any time by guaranteed obligations or must be reinstated by a guaranteed party after the bankruptcy or reorganization (or equivalent judicial proceedings) of the borrower. , any other part of the credit or any other way. Since the subsidiary that guarantees the payment of the debt does not exist in the parent company that borrows the funds, the former does not enjoy direct benefits on the proceeds of the loan and therefore does not receive reasonable value for the guarantee granted. SECTION 5.04.

Successors and endowments. In the event that reference is made to one of the parties in this agreement, this reference is deemed to be the rights holders and authorized receivers of that party; and bind and commit to their respective successors and beneficiaries of national pacts, promises and agreements of a guarantor or administrative officer included in this agreement. When a business in a group of companies lends a loan to a bank and other related companies grant cross-guarantee, the lender receives assurance that the loan will be repaid. When the borrower does not make repayments and interest payments Internal interestIncours are generated by a company that finances by leasing debt or private equity. Interest is in the profit and loss account, but can also be calculated on the debt plan.