Service Agreement Microsoft

h. Survival. The following provisions also apply after the end or expiry of this agreement: 5 (guarantees), 6 (claims defence), 7 (limitation of liability), 10f (applicable law and competent jurisdiction), 10g (global agreement), 10 a.m. (survival), 10i (U.S. export jurisdiction) and 11 (definitions). f. taxes. Prices are tax-free, unless the invoice indicates other than the tax included. You must pay all applicable capital gains, goods and services, sales, gross receipts or other transaction taxes, fees, fees or surcharges, or any regulatory cost recovery surcharge or similar amount due under this Agreement that we are entitled to obtain from you. You are responsible for all applicable stamp duty and all other taxes that you are legally required to pay, including all taxes related to the distribution or supply of products to your related businesses. We are responsible for all taxes based on our net income, gross taxes on income rather than taxes on income or profits or taxes on our property. one.

Term of contract and termination. This contract remains in effect until your subscription expires, terminates or extends, depending on the earliest date. (ii) You will defend us against all claims by an unrelated third party that violates customer data, customer solutions or non-Microsoft products or services that you provide directly or indirectly when using a product, against the patent, copyright or trademark of third parties, or that illegally use their trade secret; or (2) a violation of the terms of use. one. Right to use. We grant you the right to access and use online services and install and use the software contained in your subscription, as stated in this Agreement. We reserve all the other rights. f. No agency.

This agreement does not create an agency, partnership or joint venture. B. Additional privacy and security details are available under the terms of online services. Commitments made in online terms of service apply only to online services purchased under this Agreement, not to services or products provided by your retailer. G. Dismissal for injury. Any party may terminate this agreement on written notification if the other party substantially violates this agreement. Unless, by its nature, the beach can be healed within 30 days, the dismissing party must give the other party the opportunity to heal 30 days after prior written notification and the possibility of healing. i. Full agreement. This agreement is the whole agreement on its purpose and replaces any prior or simultaneous communications. In the event of a conflict between the documents contained in this Agreement, which are not expressly resolved in these documents, their conditions are checked in the following decreasing order of priority: (1) this online subscription contract, (2) the terms of the online services, (3) the applicable offer details and (4) all other documents in this contract.

Assistance services for products purchased under this contract are provided by the reseller. “SLA” refers to the commitments we make regarding the provision and/or delivery of an online service, as published on, or on another site we identify. “Online services” refers to all services hosted by Microsoft that you subscribe to under this contract. b. Restrictions. Our Section 5.a. obligations do not apply to claims or premiums based on the following reasons: (i) customer solution, customer data, non-Microsoft products, changes you make to the product or services or materials you provide or provide in connection with the use of the product; (ii) your product combination with or damage based on the value of customer data or a non-Microsoft product, data or business process; (iii) Your use of a Microsoft trademark without our explicit written consent or your use of the product, after we have asked you to accept it because of a third-party claim.