Repairs & Supplies

Repairs & Supplies

Jim has operated his Accordion Acute Care Clinic for two years from his music office in Williamsburg. He transports instruments requiring major surgery to the Accordion General Hospital in Burr Hill, (Fredericksburg) VA.

Repair Services Available:

Frees; sticking keys, sticking or bent bass buttons, stuck switches, stuck reeds
Refastens reed blocks

Replaces: reeds, reed valves (skins), beeswax on reeds, blocks, bellow gasket, bellow metal corner, bellow tape, grill cloth
treble keyboard valve soles, straps,

Repairs cracks, scratches, or wear in instrument body

Cleans interiors and polishes exterior of instrument.

Finds and fix air leaks

Lubricates: bass machine, treble keyboard

Cosmetic repair: cracks, scratches, or wear in accordion body

Install Back Pad
Spot tuning individual reeds

Supplies available:

Pads, straps, soft cases, reeds,