Paypal Service Agreement

This user agreement and other legal conditions and legal declarations relating to your use of our service are available at all times on the PayPal`s website (usually on the “Legal Agreements” page). We can also send you this information. Withdrawals you put in USD into your Taiwan bank account denominated in USD with a withdrawal service from PayPal Bank Partner. In the event that we decide to suspend any of our services, part or feature of our services for any reason, we will notify you at least two months in advance before discontinuing service or function, unless we establish in good faith that: if a procedure is initiated by or against you in accordance with a provision of the U.S. Bankruptcy Act. , as amended or under other bankruptcy or insolvency legislation, we have the right to recover all reasonable costs or expenses (including reasonable legal fees and fees) related to the application of this user agreement. Below is a description of how payments are sent and how some of our most important services can be used: If you manage a commercial account, compensate us for any expenses, claims, expenses, claims or claims we generate as a result of return bookings, cancellations or refunds made to your account and made under this Agreement. If you accept PayPal payments in your physical store, you must inform the debtor of the total amount of the transaction before it takes place. You can only calculate your client`s account for the transactions they have authorized. You must also provide a physical receipt to debtors when they apply. You agree that every transaction you make contains an accurate and accurate description of the goods and services purchased.

If the seller you buy sells goods or services and that seller has not yet PayPal account, they can claim your payment by opening a PayPal account. If you do not open a PayPal account within 30 days, your purchase will be refunded. Any person who is not a party to this user agreement does not have the right to invoke or enforce a clause in this use agreement (with the exception of third parties that fall within the definition of “PayPal” in the section of the exemption and limitation of liability clause, with respect to his rights, as stated in this user agreement) , but this does not infringe on the rights or third parties that exist or are, with the exception of this act. By linking a source of financing to your PayPal account, you give us permanent permission to automatically bill this source of funding (subject to this user contract and the terms of a mandate (e.g.B.