Movati Membership Agreement

“We are proud to expand our countless fitness and training courses in Toronto,” said Joseph Lo, President of Movati Athletic. “Movati Athletic is committed to making its members a priority and making them feel welcome, comfortable and healthy, from our obsession with cleanliness to the best fitness instructors, personal trainers and the experienced team of the company`s members. Joining Movati is like being part of six different boutique studios and a premium gym – all under one roof and membership. What if you encouraged someone to accept your contract instead of one of the many other kijiji? You may not be able to afford to pay $650, but what if you offer to pay the full transfer amount? When my wife accepted someone, it was $100. Or if others do the same, the transfer fee plus 1 or 2 months they paid. No, you won`t lose your fitness activity. Follow these workouts! Once your original club has been changed to our affiliate system, the app automatically updates your original club within 24-48 hours. Be sure to update your filters in the class plan to make sure you`re displaying the right club class plan. It`s a convenient way to pay for club purchases with your MOVATI member swipe card. If you are registered, your credit card of your choice is linked to your membership card. You don`t need to bring your payment cards or money to the club with MOVATI Express Pay. Just present your wiper card when you buy at the club. If you`re trying to create an account and you`ve received a message saying “we couldn`t find you in the system,” that means you entered false information, z.B. Incorrect barcode (not containing % of characters; but contains MOV) Family name or original association, during the registration process.

You can click on the “i” icon in the top right corner and explore the FAQ chatbot. You can also send a as an alternative to in-app support for requests. We will have additional staff trained by EcoLab® to perform our new cleaning protocols, including an increase in cleaning frequency, electrostatic disinfection between group fitness classes and fixed schedules throughout the club, 24 hours a day. EcoLab® cleaning products are the main products used by hospitals and medical laboratories and approved by Health Canada for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)-affected virus. We have a zero-tolerance policy for those who do not comply, which leads to a possible cessation of membership. The conditions for membership remain in place. You can terminate your membership at the end of your membership period by talking to someone in your club. Memberships are not refundable. Their expiry date is extended to the closing period.