Mobile Deposit Agreement

You will not file or re-submit the original article. 34. Full agreement. This contract is, with any other agreement between you and the bank or its related companies, to the extent that it applies to the Services, the full and exclusive declaration of the agreement between you and the Bank with respect to The Services. In the event of contradictions between the terms and conditions of this agreement and other service agreements, the terms of this contract apply. No transaction between you and the Bank changes this contract or constitutes an agreement between you and the Bank, regardless of the practices and procedures you and the bank apply. 17. Resignation. We may terminate this contract at any time, for any reason and without notice.

This agreement will remain fully in force and effective, unless we terminate it. This Agreement may be terminated without limitation of the above if you violate a provision of this Agreement, use the Services for unauthorized or illegal purposes, or use the Services in a manner inconsistent with the terms of your account agreement or any other agreement with us. The customer can send multiple deposits to the bank or processor during the day. The total dollar value of items received in one day must not exceed the dollar amount indicated for each account in the remote capture configuration installation forms (“deposit limit”). The customer agrees not to exceed the deposit limit. If the total value of the dollar of the item exceeds the deposit limit, the bank, depending on its choice, may refuse to accept the item that exceeds the deposit limit, or the bank may accept and process the items. Items must arrive at the bank no later than the cut-off time indicated at the time the account is set up. Any item received after the cut-off period is considered to be received on the business day following the business day when the item was actually received by the bank. The Bank reserves the right to change at any time, after proper notification, the number of items that can be transmitted per day, the deposit limit and the cut-off time. The customer can contact the bank at any time to check the current deposit limit.

Checks previously sent through the remote deposit registration service or service offered from another financial institution.