Google Cloud Reseller Agreement

“Data Processing and Security Conditions,” the current conditions describe Google`s privacy and processing obligations with respect to customer data, such as: “significant distortion,” a substantial adjustment or an inversely inconsistent change in the services identified by, without providing functionally equivalent solutions through the Services. With cloud tools, know-how and resources provided by an experienced AppXite Platform cloud aggregator, you can take your business to the next level and meet Google`s automation infrastructure requirements and optimize low-volume SaaS transactions. With us, Google sellers have the choice to use their Direct Google or AppXite agreement as cloud providers. The platform allows vendors, in addition to Google, to exchange and aggregate solutions from leading vendors such as Microsoft, AWS, IBM, etc. and their own managed service or developed solutions. “service summary,” the service summary, which can be updated from time to time. 3.4 Third-party components. Components Third parties (including open source software) of services may be subject to separate licensing agreements. To the extent that a third-party license expressly replaces this agreement, that third-party license regulates the customer`s use of this third-party component. “TSS” refers to the technical support and support service provided by the partner or Google to the customer under Google TSSG ( or partner support contract ( These service-specific terms and conditions are incorporated into the agreement under which Google has agreed to make the Google Cloud platform (described under available to the customer (the “agreement”).

If the agreement authorizes the resale or availability of the Google Cloud platform as part of a Google Cloud partner or reseller program, all customer references under the specific terms of the service are synonymous with partners or resellers (if any) and all references to customer data under specific service conditions. Wholesale terms that are used in service-specific conditions, but are not defined, have the meaning given to them in the agreement. “Documentation” refers to Google documentation (which can be updated from time to time) in the form that Google typically makes available to its customers for the use of services under 15.1. Google will send the customer messages under the agreement by sending an email to the notification email address. The customer will send messages to Google in accordance with the agreement by sending an email to The notification is treated as received when sending the email. The customer is responsible for maintaining their notification email address throughout the life. 2.3 Service changes.

Subject to Section 2.4 (Deprecation Policy), Google may make changes to services that may include adding, updating or upgrading services or service parts or functions and will notify the customer of significant changes, provided the customer subscribes to Google to be notified of changes to the Services. The use of new features or functions may depend on the customer`s consent to additional conditions. 1.6 New apps and services. Google may: (i) provide new applications, tools, functions or features from time to time via the Services and (ii) add from time to time new services to the definition “services” (by adding under the url under this definition) whose use may depend on the customer`s consent to additional terms.