Design And Manufacturing Agreement

1.1 THE SCALE OF THE WORK AND DEVELOPMENT. TIETECH completed (a) the electronic design of the product in collaboration with and in accordance with ICOP DIGITAL specifications and (b) conducted system verification tests for the entire product, in collaboration with and in accordance with ICOP DIGITAL specifications. Both parties agree that orders placed for this work are valid and mandatory and that the balance owed by NRE must be paid in accordance with the Schedule IV payment plan. b) TIETECH has all of its technology and manufacturing processes defined as: proprietary technology and electronic processes, know-how, assembly and manufacturing processes, and technology and know-how, including technology and know-how developed or acquired by TIETECH prior to the agreement. 1.7 CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Confidential information is, unrestricted, all information about the business of ICOP DIGITAL and TIETECH, including, but not limited, to the invention of the product, ideas, business secrets, know-how, research and development, training, software, programs, hardware configuration information, price lists, data, manuals, manuals, sponsors, investors, strategies and business plans, marketing, sales documents, drawings, specifications, designs, , consumer information, suppliers, contractual terms, test criteria, supplier lists, financial information, intellectual property and any other information or information related to the activities of ICOP or TECH, including, but not limited to inventions, writings, ideas, discoveries or improvements that were made or designed directly or indirectly by ICOP Digital or TIETECH as a result of the work carried out for ICOP DIGITAL in accordance with this agreement. , that it be reduced to the letter and is not accessible to the public. However, the confidential information does not contain any of the above information that has not been made public and made public by an unlawful act of TIETECH or third parties. Prior to the implementation of this agreement; the parties executed the mutual secrecy agreement attached to Schedule I. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the mutual secrecy agreement and this agreement, this agreement applies. 2.8 DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS. TIETECH guarantees, for a period of eighteen (18) months from shipping, that all products sold at ICOP DIGITAL are free of TIETECH design, material and processing defects and must comply with product specifications.

ICOP DIGITAL accepts that the TIETECHs warranty excludes the fixed disk of change. Warranty repair services are provided free of charge at tieTECH production sites in Nagoya, Japan, F.O.B. Overland Park. TIETECH will present to ICOP DIGITAL, within two weeks of receiving the returned products, detailing products accepted under the warranty and all products that are not accepted under warranty due to property damage or improper use. TIETECH will do its best to repair defective products as quickly as possible, with four (4) weeks from receipt at the TIETECH plant. The shipment of guaranteed products repaired or replaced on the iCOP DIGITALs Overland Park site is the responsibility of TIETECH.