Celesio Mckesson Business Combination Agreement

McKesson and Celesio will join together to form a global healthcare provider with experience in providing solutions for pharmacies, manufacturers and patients. The combined company will be one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors and suppliers of logistics and health services and is expected to improve supply chain efficiency and improve global supplies. It also states that its global distribution and logistics capabilities will bring new values and services to manufacturing partners and will offer a wide range of innovative business technologies and services. McKesson also entered into a commercial combination agreement with Celesio, which outlines the key parameters that facilitate the combination of the two companies and has been approved by McKesson`s Board of Directors and Celesio`s Supervisory Board. Celesio`s Board of Directors and Supervisory Board welcome the takeover bid and the members of the Board of Directors intend to accept the offer to repurchase all of the Celesio shares they held. McKesson Corporation, currently ranked fifth in the FORTUNE 500, is a healthcare and information technology company dedicated to improving health care. On January 23, 2014, McKesson announced the purchase of Celesio (now McKesson Europe). Transaction structureIn the terms of a share purchase agreement between McKesson and Franz Haniel – Co. GmbH (“Haniel”), Celesio`s majority shareholder, McKesson has authorized the acquisition of Haniel`s interest in Celesio, which currently accounts for 50.01% of the company`s total outstanding shares. The share purchase agreement was approved by McKesson`s Board of Directors and Haniel`s Supervisory Board. About McKesson CorporationMcKesson Corporation, currently ranked 14th out of the FORTUNE 500, a healthcare provider and information technology company is dedicated to improving health care activity.

McKesson works with cost providers, hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and other health care providers to build healthier organizations to better care for patients in all areas.