Articles Of Agreement Ship

b. After the first three original copies have been taken on board the ship, two original copies are kept by the employer/employer representative. The 4th and 5th original copies would not be signed by the master or by sailors on board the ship. The 4th original is kept by the employer/employer representative. The last one, i.e. the 5th original copy, is transmitted by the employer/employer`s representative at the earliest and, in any case, no later than 48 hours after the signing of the contract, ashore in India, in the office of the employer/employer`s representative, to the relevant Shipping Master for registration. The ship`s articles (navigational items, more formally the ship`s contractual items) are the documents constituting the contract between seafarers and the master of a ship. [1] [2] They contain the name of the ship, the conditions of employment (including the size and assessments of the proposed supplement), the seafarers` compensation (shares or payments), the type(s) of voyage and the duration[3] as well as the rules to be observed on board the ship and in port, including offences and criminal penalties. [4] [5] [6] [7] Traditionally, each seafarer is required to sign the articles and the articles contain, for each seafarer, his assessment, the place and day of notification, and the place and date of registration of the ship. [8] [9] The first articles of the ship were not written, because few were literate. [5] But in the eighteenth century, most seafarers expected articles to be written, even if they could not read themselves.