Agreement Hanya Disampaikan Kepada Dpr

After the plenary session, the only space available is to “prepare everything related to the technical misinformation of the law” (explanation of Article 72). The technical preparation of this letter may take place within seven working days, as the manuscript will then be delivered to the President by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. In technical preparation, it may result in a change in format or a change in the number of pages resulting from the adaptation of the standard dimensions of the paper and the letters defined by law. But of course, in technical preparation, it should not change the Redactional, much less the manuscript substantially. He illustrated the French Constitution, the power to negotiate and ratify treaties (international treaties) in the hands of the President. However, treaties deemed important must be approved and ratified by Parliament. For example, peace agreements, trade treaties, treaties of international organizations or contracts of French financial commitments, changes in national territories, legislative changes, individual status apply only if they are approved and ratified by Parliament. (Read also: The government claims that the House of Representatives has been involved in the international contracting process) Of course, Article 10 is contrary to Article 11, paragraph 2, and Article 28D, paragraph 1, of the 1945 Constitution, as long as it is not interpreted as “having significant and fundamental consequences for the lives of persons in relation to the financial burden of the State, is limited to: a) political, peace, defence and security issues; (b) the rezoning or delimitation of the territorial boundaries of the Republic of Indonesia; (c) the sovereignty or sovereign rights of the state; (d) human rights and the environment; (e) the establishment of a new rule of law; (f) foreign loans and/or subsidies.” Not only is the legislative process confusing, it can also be discouraging because it is tinged with misinformation from buzzer forces, and also because of the government`s methods of communication, which instead use security approaches and intelligence services. Closed laws and intersesion processes can scare the public into participating.

How does the public intend to get involved when the process is unpredictable, mysterious and often rushed? The amendment to the KPK Act lasted only 12 days (a bill proposed by the Dpr initiative on 5 September 2019 and adopted at the plenary session of the House of Representatives on 17 September 2019).