Accordion Renaissance Training Planning

Training:  Hands on instruction for accordionists.  This would be workshops and camps which would include instruction on how to perform and how to educate.

Train/plant seeds at a young age; however, do not discriminate accordion to age.
Train for the people; train for the right reasons; do not let money be the motivator. We recommend using the Best wireless earbuds to be able to improve your musical experience.
Exposure is a necessary step in training, whether that be through concerts, small get togethers, or other.  Family is a good audience to share playing the accordion
Trainers should not be technical tyrants; trainers should make training fun
Draft a way to overcome the image of the accordion in the minds of parents
Be healthy in all aspects of life and understand how the accordion improves one’s health and love for life.
Be enthusiastic: Be passionate:
We need filters; trainers should “check in” with the trainees. A personal connection with the trainers is helpful.
We need more workshops; we need to showcase the versatility of the accordion.
We need good accordion role models.
We need to teach how the accordion could be played in a band with two or more players.
Teach how to market oneself.
Train how to play as an ensemble, that can bring in other instruments
Training on how to do a performance
Teach how to accompany a singer.  Adjust your volume accordiongly.
Use the internet in training
Enhance Palmer Huges with other methods and tools
Ear/Listening training.
Focus on a sense of timing
Training with music minus one
Listening labs – go to orchestra performances and relate to lessons
Expand awareness of accordion potential
Train teachers to use a wide range of genres
Work with manufactures to acquire less expenseive instruments
Start with 48 bass instead of the 12 bass
Break away from happy German major (chords) stereotype

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