Accordion Renaissance Performance Planning

Performances: Invited public and private accordion playing that entertains, develops appreciation for and promotes the instrument and the corporation. Middle and elementary public and private schools and Rotarians, Lions Clubs, VFWs and American Legions are examples of public and private venues. Performances include community outreach playing to nursing and retirement homes, hospitals and convalescent centers.

Teach sound techs how to mic the accordion.
Rebrand accordion in performances as a classy instrument.
Dress up for the performance
Be well rehearsed to perform
Get endorsements from bands – play with them
Get grants for playing in schools.
Your performance personality is important
Look like you are having fun.
Include accordion education – history, theory, music
Write about pieces played, composer biography, inspiration
Play more with other instruments-diversity
Bring the accordion to TV, NPR, radio, focus on new styles for public
Bring to mainstream, original music with lyrics
More detailed program
Play for free – nursing homes
Do we want to impress or please or both
Create music library
Stick-with-it-ness.  We want you to play the accordion, find one on that matches your personality.
Acoustic vs digital-Roland can help bridge the gap into electronic, digitalized music

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