Accordion Renaissance Education Planning

Education: The target audience are public and private organizations, such as schools and music study groups who would gain appreciation for the accordion and the corporation by learning about its history, development, functioning, capabilities and musical diversity. This would include clinics and instrument “petting” zoos.

Target youth, schools
Rent instrument room/YMCA
Free program to build interest
Need concerts to show parents musical growth
Accordion competitions for prizes, promote learning
Connect with other instruments and music teachers
Teacher training, workshops-frequency?
Educate the public – remove old stereotypes
Teachers need to be role models.  Teach how to be, not just how to play the accordion
For experienced students, educate the business of music
Learn from peers – sleeping bag weekend
Paid performers provide gigging tips
Be a musician first.  Learn how to give to others.  Connect with audience
Teach how to build confidence in self
Understand the awards.  Make it real.
Use technology
Recruit, organize, promote, advertise, coordinate.
Provide instrument rent options; teach do it yourself maintenance
Encourage parental sponsorship
Campaigns targeted to ages 30-60
Contact parent/student organizations
Accordion is a valuable tool to teach music theory
Advertise the versatility of the accordion
Accordion leaders step up –
Self-actualization  through playing the accordion

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